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Shannon Rogers
Rogers family
A survivor
Shannon recovered

Please meet Shannon Rogers, our speaker from 2017.   Shannon was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma at 16 years old. After being repeatedly told she was suffering from growing pains in her hip, the pain became unbearable and landed her in Children's Hospital ER. This set into motion a series of tests and scans that lead to the devastating diagnosis of the rare form of bone cancer in her pelvis in June of 2015.

The next year was filled with 17 rounds of chemotherapy, 30 consecutive days of radiation, multiple ER visits and hospital admissions, 2 ICU stays, many, many blood and platelet transfusions, a tonne of side effects and drug interactions.

Childcan was a massive support to Shannon and her family. Shannon's mother was off work for a full year, and Childcan helped with the bills while she waited for her benefits to kick in.

They also provided parking passes, and meal vouchers during hospital stays. The support from the staff was invaluable and couldn't be replaced. The Rogers family will forever be grateful for everything that Childcan did for them during their journey with childhood cancer.

Shannon is about to celebrate 2 years of NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!! Congratulations Shannon!!